The production of a new smartphone, that needs rare ores such as the coltan, is avoided thanks to you.

High resistant to the heat and corrosion, the coltan is used to make our phones’ condenser. The problem is, the biggest reserves of coltan worldwide are located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the gorillas live. Forests are destroyed and open-pit mines are dug, just to extract this ore: it’s a real tragedy for those gorillas, already endangered because of poaching and deforestation.

Your contribution, to the Pairi Daiza Foundation’s projects, can reach up to 150€.

Those projects aim to protect endangered species’ habitat or to fund scientific research needed for the survival of those species.

How to contribute ?

How to contribute ?

*How to log out of an iCloud, Google or Samsung account ?

On iPhone

  1. Save your personal data 
  2. Make sure to deactivate the “Find my iPhone” option. For that, go to “Settings” -> “Passwords & Accounts” –> “iCloud” –> “Find My iPhone”.
  3. Then, log out of you iCloud account on the device by Going back –> “Sign out”.
  4. Remove any locking passcodes or Touch ID in “Settings” –> “Touch ID & Passcodes” –> “Turn passcode off”.
  5. After completing the first four steps, we ask for you to reset your smartphone and to turn it off if possible.

On Android

  1. Save your personal data. 
  2. Make sure to log out of your Google account (and Samsung account if your device is from this brand). Go to “Settings” then “Accounts and backup” –> “Accounts” –> Tap on your account – “Remove account”.
  3. Remove any locking passwords in “Settings” –> “Lock screen” –> “Unlocking mode” –> “None”.
  4. After completing the first four steps, we ask for you to reset your smartphone and to turn it off if possible.


aSmartWorld is a Walloon startup founded in 2018 that buys, refurbishes, and resells smartphones and tablets. aSmartWorld is based on the circular economy model as well as local distribution channels.

On average, Europeans change their smartphone every two years*. Restoring those unused devices, helps reduce the environmental damage that comes from the production of smartphones. We at aSmartWorld revalue those devices gathering dust in a drawer and give them a second life, the firm treats them according to precise quality and security standards. It allows consumers to easily buy and without any risk (with a one-year guarantee) cheaper products but whose quality is as good as new.

aSmartWorld is a good alternative to the expensive and new products, and the not really trustworthy second-hand ones. A refurbished device from ASW is retrieved and restored in Belgium, then sold in the EU. A tracking system allows the clients to know where their device has been sold.

*Source : Identifying the impact of the circular economy on the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry (2019) Opportunities and challenges for businesses, workers and consumers–mobile phones as an example STUDY.


We apply only one rule when it comes to the donation: the device must find a new owner. We only take back devices that are in tune with the times younger than 5-6 years old, and that can be sold (for example no Nokia 3310, …).

You wish to participate to the protection of the gorillas’ natural habitat? Donate your smartphone for it to be refurbished, avoid the production of a new one that destroys the primates’ habitat.

50% of the benefits made will be donated to the Pairi Daiza Foundation to fund their projects.

Fill the Donation Form below, and we will get back to you asap to let you know if we can take back your device.